There are numerous marketing methods you can use in your business’ arsenal. The more awareness there is about your brand and service, the better it is to attract your potential customers. Printed magnetic signs are one of the most effective marketing tools you can use for local marketing.

It has numerous ways to reflect your business in the form of magnetic signs such as custom car signs which is literally a business card on the move, you can advertise your business as you travel. It is a versatile and impactful tool that any brand can use to create awareness around their image and services they provide to the masses.

In this article, we have curated a complete guide to help you get started with printed magnetic signs and how you can advertise with it.

Why are Printed Magnetic Signs Important?

Brand Exposure

It is a mobile and highly visible solution for small to large commercial brands as a promotional tool. From vehicles to storefronts, you can use them to your advantage and create lasting impressions on your potential consumers. It is a solid marketing tool if you want to target a local audience where you can easily reach out to them at multiple fronts.

Cost Effective

It easily stands out as the most effective branding tool in budget because of its cost effectiveness. Marketing can be expensive and with numerous ways out there businesses need to figure out a way to only invest in ways that return more potential value than the amount spent. Hence, this method allows you to reach a widespread audience as per volume without breaking the bank.


These signs are flexible in a way with unlimited reusability. If your brand runs seasonal offers, you can easily reuse them next year when the season refreshes. They are highly adaptable giving you full control on the customisation as you like. You make all the decisions to customise it to your own style, from choosing the artwork to the type you desire.

Benefits of Magnetic Signs 

  • Easily curate prompt responses by mentioning your contact information and targeting your potential consumer base.
  • They are affordable and fall right under your budget depending on the  volume of production you want.
  • They are easy to replace and reuse and prove to be useful if you run seasonal promotions.
  • They are durable to wear and tear and can last for potentially years to come.
  • They give you full flexibility to customise it with attractive brands colour and graphics to instantly catch eyes.

How to Get Started with Printed Magnetic Signs 

Define your message

Plot your scheme or offer earlier, be precise to your message and only input information that is essential. You can use an attractive headline, contact information and an offer quote. Take your time and carefully design a message that is both appealing and succinct, as this will draw in a lot of customers.

Design Eye catching graphics

Invest time in figuring out the graphics and colours for the printed sign. Make sure to keep the colour scheme according to your brand identity. Use resolution images, bold colours, and clear fonts to ensure your message is easily readable from a distance. Your trusted advertising magnets service will guide you in designing the graphics if needed.

Colour Psychology

  • Yellow: Joyfulness and optimism
  • Orange: Happiness and assurance
  • Brown: foundation and defence
  • Red: fervour and urgency
  • Blue: tranquilly and faith
  • Green: Calm and well-being
  • Purple: wisdom and royalty
  • Black: Seriousness and sophistication
  • White: purity and harmony

Invest in Quality Printing

The quality of printed signs matters. Cheap quality print can be noticed from far away immediately, and this may turn away some of your consumers. It’s been said that your clientele will treat you the same way you treat and present yourself, so utilise eye-catching, superior prints wherever you can. Paired with durable materials, you can make a quality impact in the market.

Strategic Placement

Placement is extremely important as you have to figure out the way you can catch the most amount of attention. Observe your consumer base carefully and see for yourself what are the potential areas you can target easily. Use eye-catching, high-quality prints whenever you can because it’s been said that your customers will treat you the same way you treat and present yourself.


In Conclusion,

Magnetic signs are a great dynamic and budget friendly marketing option for any business, big or small looking to reach a widespread audience and compel them to acquire more leads. You may effortlessly draw in a tonne of attention to your brand by using a targeted strategy and a strategic approach.

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