Every business has a dedicated marketing spend ready to deploy to various mediums. Investing in the right marketing channels is essential as you need to generate maximum return on investment (ROI) on every dollar spent. There are many different marketing methods available to you. One low-cost, high-return medium is advertising magnets.

Whether you are a small business owner or run chain brand channels, advertising magnets is a great branding tool due to its affordability and reachability. Utilising them can bring a huge ring of local consumers you want to specifically target. In this article, we have stated top 6 benefits of using advertising magnets for small businesses.

Easy Distribution 

Promotional magnets such as door magnet signs, banners or placards are easy to carry and require no heavy expense on logistics unless it’s a huge bulk order. You can directly hand out to your customers without having to set up heavy distribution channels and bearing logistic expenses. 

The level of convenience one gets with them, barely other forms can match. Due to their size, shape and make, it becomes easy to mail them due to its lightweight nature.

Effective Customisation

Promotional magnets don’t limit the space that you might face with equipment such as promotional pens that only gives enough space to print the logo. You can customise its size, shape and induce the brand message without falling short of the space. Get full freedom of choosing the design as you like, all at a quick turnaround time.

A graphic expert will work closely in person to design it as per your preference. You can also submit a ready made design for printing. Specific time and prices will be decided according to the size of the order. Work with experts like Car Magnets to unlock quality printing at affordable rates, suitable for all.

Functional and Highly Visible 

Advertising magnets have a great advantage over other tools due to its high functionality and high visibility. Because they may be used for more than just branding advertisements—like note-taking or fridge magnets—they are highly functional.

The fridge magnets will leave an impression on the user and help them remember the brand each time they visit the refrigerator. Additionally, if you provided a phone number, they would be notified of the business right away and would contact you. The graphics are highly attractive and can be spotted from afar with custom car signs. Service based companies such as plumbing, fencing and electrician businesses can widely impact them.

Durable and Sturdy

The material used to make these custom advertisement signs are highly durable and resistant to daily wear and tear which increases their reusability. Placards and banners signs can be used in an event or a promotional campaign. You can preserve the creatures and use them in another event without any hesitation. This can save you costs on promotional products every time.

Sturdiness is one such factor which makes them a favourite amidst the brand. Hand out diaries, notes, magnets and playing cards with a logo and custom design. Your customers will love them due to its functionality and keep recalling your company every time they use them. They do not get weary and are sturdy enough to last long.

Low Cost Impression 

This is by the far the best low cost impression advertising form of media. Think about it, an average person will open the fridge 10 to 13 times per day. This can add upto more than 11 K+ times in a year. With every visit, he will get exposed to the door sign magnet of your service. Consider a pool of approximately 100 visitors to whom you have distributed these magnets as part of a marketing effort; the potential is relatively large, considering that these enormous impressions are the result of just one user.

Custom car signs hold the same weight, especially if you are a service based business. With every visit to the local area, people will notice the vehicle with attractive graphics detailing what you do and where to contact you. Numerous individuals will notice it on each round trip. Think of every daily visit to the same local area, soon the localities will be aware about the service and keep the brand name in mind and reach out.


In Conclusion,

There is still a tonne of unrealised potential with advertising magnets. Graphics are an attractive form of media to generate attention and one can use it to their advantage and get more impressions for their business. If you are just beginning in this world of marketing, here are some mandatory things that you can mention in the graphics –

  • Name of the business, one can also induce the name of the owner if he is the face of the company.
  • Contact number is a must. These are the first two things a customer will save in case of need.
  • Address of the company so that potential visitors can reach out the service in person.
  • Logo and a branding slogan if a business has one.
  • A graphic regarding the services provided. For instance, if you just simply put an image of a dog rather than listing out the list of services, people could immediately relate that it is related to a vet, groomer or a local shelter.

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