Would you believe?! Car Door Magnet Advertising is one of the least expensive yet most effective marketing methods to come along in years, and the competition is very thin.

Outdoor advertising is extraordinarily effective. Billboards, Storefront signage, adverts pasted on walls, we try to put our ads where the eyes can see them. It’s about views. It’s about visibility in high traffic areas.

With Vehicle Magnets for car advertising we expose our business message to thousands of passersby every day. People in cars will stare at our ads as they pass. People in trains zipping down the tracks will get a glimpse of our billboard ad. People walking on the street will gaze at our ads. It’s all about getting our message in front of as many people as we can as often as possible.

A Revolutionary Idea is born!

Car Door Magnet Advertising changes all of the rules! While a traditional Outdoor ad is stationary, perhaps located on the corner of 5th street and Jones Avenue, it is viewed only by the people who happen to be at or passing by that location.

custom car magnet advertising

With permanent locations such as a billboard at the side of a road, the advert is placed there, under an expensive contract, for a long period of time… 6 months to a year or more. And, because of the expense involved, the ad is rarely ever changes. The same ad sits there for the entire period of time.

Our Car Door Magnetic Advertising is a moving advertisement and allows us to do some pretty remarkable things!

  • We expose our ads to more people in more locations. We aren’t just stuck with 5th. And Jones… we take our ad with us when we drive and it’s seen by multiple thousands of people in different locations, virtually everywhere we go, everywhere we park our car or truck, and everywhere we want to introduce our marketing message.
  • We can make multiple adverts and change them as often as we want. Instead of a stale ad that people get tired of looking at, we can show them different versions with variations on our marketing topics and different graphics…at will.
  • Having a special event, like a Christmas sale? You can create an advert just for that event and splash it all over town almost instantly. Show it in any location you choose, and as often as you chose to do it. The versatility and flexibility of Car Door Magnetic Advertising is amazing!
  • Your Magnetic Advertising as a Strategic Weapon?! If a football game is scheduled for Saturday at noon, you can place your car or truck strategically near the entrance to the stadium and the 50,000 people in attendance will see your ad twice… as they enter the grounds and as they exit.

Smart! How many locations and events might you find to instantly expose your business to extra thousands? Be creative!

Viewers Can Now Take Action!

Here’s a really important feature that makes Car Magnet Advertising so powerful. Your potential customer is now in a position to take action. Usually, the Outdoor advert is stationary… pasted on a billboard or storefront sign… and the customer is driving past in his car.

While driving, he has his hands on the wheel and needs to keep his eyes on the road and the traffic. He can only get a glimpse of your advert… a brief impression. But, when the customer is stationary and the ad is moving it’s a different ball game. You customer may be standing or sitting and is now hands free and can whip out a notebook and jot your number down or grab his cell phone and input your number and even make a note of your website. He may very well call you on the spot! Very Powerful Difference Here!

Cost Advantage

Outdoor advertising can be very expensive. A large billboard ad will normally require a 6 month or longer contract and the monthly fees can be outrageous… Thousands of dollars. Even smaller outdoor adverts or storefront signs can cost multiple hundreds to design, build, and install. There are permissions, permits, taxes, and other fees usually attached to this kind of advertising.

Our Car Magnet Advertising signs are very reasonable in price, can be quickly made, they are easy to install, and there are no restrictions, permits, taxed, or fees of any sort to worry about. No monthly rent, one time only cost, and you own it for life!

Quality and Durability

Our Car Magnet signs are made of a heavy and extremely durable and weather resistant material and are manufactured to stand the test of time and stay fresh with your brilliant design, colors, and graphics.

We use a heavier ‘New Age’ material, as compared to the cheap vinyl used by our competitors, and our Car Door Magnetic Signs will always stay on your car, not harm the finish, are easily removed and replaced at will.

Expert Design and Layout

Often, a customer will make the mistake of trying to cram too much information into a small display advert and by doing so will destroy the effectiveness of the ad entirely. We won’t let you make that mistake.

Our designers are absolute experts at the design and layout of these types of adverts. With years of experience and testing, we can create an ad that will catch the attention of the viewer, create an interest, and offer the exact information necessary in a way that can quickly and easily be captured by the viewer. This is critical!

Begin using this Modern Advertising Miracle now!

Car Magnets Advertising is quickly changing the advertising landscape. Get the best car magnets NOW from car magnet designers and manufacturers that have a trusted and established name in the business.

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Done !

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What Do Our Clients Say?

Car Magnets Review

– Chris Dale, MarketingHQ

“Our Car Magnets brought in two new clients the first day we used them. They are easy to use and a cost effective way to advertise our business. We love them and recommend them to everyone”

Car Magnets Review

– Bobby Collins

“Awesome magnets and great service. The car magnets look great and proved to be a very effective marketing strategy – more than expected. Very friendly bunch too. Thanks a lot.”

Car Magnets Review

– Nathanel Coyne

“The business was responsive and second time round had no troubles; very happy with the quality and shipping, best price I found for what I wanted.”