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Keeping your magnet in its pristine condition do not require much work, especially because your car magnets are made with industry-grade materials and they are built to last. However, mishandling of your magnets may cause your magnets to lose its quality. Here are several tips to keep your magnets in tiptop shape.

Storing your Car Magnets

  • When your car magnets are not in use, it’s important to keep your magnets in a clean and dry place. Storing your magnets in a damp area may allow mold and dirt to build up on the print surface or on the magnet side affecting its aesthetics and your magnet’s magnetic strength.
  • It’s also important to keep your magnets stored in a horizontal, smooth, and flat surface. Do not place objects on top of your magnets. Your magnets are flexible so having objects on top of the magnets may puncture or dent the magnet.
  • Do not stack magnets with magnetic sides facing each other. Doing so may affect the magnetic strength of your magnets, especially if your magnets are stored for a long period of time

Preparing your magnet-receptive surfaces

  • To ensure that your magnet will not affect your car’s paint surface, make sure that the paint, clear coats and waxes have been properly cured. (Normal curing time: car paint – 90 days, clear coat – 60 days, wax – 2 days)
  • Clean the metal surface and the magnet with a mild detergent or car soap. Allow both to air dry or wipe with a soft cloth

Applying your car magnet

  • Car magnet application is a delicate process. Here are some reminders to ensure that your magnets will have a strong magnetic attachment to your car surface:
  • Apply your car magnet only when the surface and the magnet is completely dry.
  • Smooth, flat, and gently curved surfaces are the best spots to apply a car magnet.
  • Make sure that there are no air pockets trapped between the surface and the magnet.
  • If you need to reposition the magnet, pull the magnet off the metallic surface and reaffix. Remember not to pull the magnet across the surface or the magnet may stretch due to its flexibility and high magnetic strength.
  • Do not use the magnet on surfaces with high exposure to extreme heat and cold. The magnet’s end-use temperature resistance is between -26° C to 55° C (-15° F to 130° F). Exposure to extreme outside heat and direct sunlight may affect the integrity of the magnet and it may cause uneven fading of the surface. Extreme cold may make the magnet brittle.
  • Do not use the magnet on non-metallic surfaces such as body fillers, simulated wood surfaces, and repainted surfaces.

Cleaning your car magnet

  • Clean your magnet at regular intervals to prevent buildup of dirt and other factors that may fade or discolor your magnet.
  • Do not let rain water, car wash water, and dew water to be trapped between the magnet and your car surface. In case water is trapped, clean and dry the surface immediately.
  • Remove the car magnet when washing your car. Make sure that the magnet and the surface is dry before you reapply your car magnet


Applying the magnet to a painted vehicle surface without following the above instructions may result in damage to the magnet and the metal surface. The supplier will not be held liable for any damage caused by abuse, misuse or failure to follow these instructions.

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