Patch Magnets

Turn your promotional leaflets, calendars, business cards, menus or any other advertising material into items that stick, hang around and get noticed. Patch magnets are a proven, cost-effective means of generating new business. Get noticed quickly with the unique design of Patch Magnets

Add a twist to the traditional calendars, promo leaflets, business cards, and other flyers with Patch Magnets. While the usual print advertising material is effective for delivering information, the durability and use of the common print paper does not guarantee retention of the information.

Think about this:

When was the last time that you were offered a leaflet or a flyer? Do you still remember what’s on the flyer?

Do you still have the flyer?

Chances are, you remember what the flyer was all about, but you didn’t bother to keep the flyer around. That’s what most of the people who receive flyers do – they read the flyer and they discard it – simply because they do not have a use for it anymore. That’s where patch magnets come in.

Patch magnets come in a variety of designs and shapes which make it quite easy for your customer to want to retain the magnet. There’s no better reaction to an advertising campaign than a customer wanting to keep your advertising material.

Your advertising material reflects the quality of your business. Adding a patch magnet to your business cards, leaflets, and flyers make it even more appealing for your prospective customer. Make sure that your magnets are manufactured with top-quality material and engaging design.

The Fridge Magnet Factory offers competitive pricing on designing, manufacturing, and distributing patch magnets. Our patch magnets are crafted with industrial-grade magnets designed to last longer. Get your designs expertly made by experts in advertising design.

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