Custom Car Door Magnets Produce Shocking Results
Revolutionary! Versatile!


We spend a lot of time in our cars. We drive back and forth to work; we go shopping, visiting friends or relatives, or just enjoy leisure activities. Our car, no matter what we are doing or where we are going, is exposed daily to thousands of potential customers for our products or services.

By taking advantage of some amazing new technology and attaching magnetic car door advertising signs to your doors, you now expose your business and services to those thousands of potential customers.

How Does Car Door Magnet Advertising Work?

Let’s use an example: You are a painting contractor who is driving down the street with lovely magnetic car signs attached to your doors. A man is standing on the sidewalk waiting to cross.

In a short three seconds or less he recognized that you are a painting contractor, flashes to remembering that he has some needed painting chores at home, he sees your company information and in less than three seconds he can:

  • Grab his cell phone and call your number. He can be talking to you or your sales department in an instant.
  • Add you to his contact list for future calling.
  • He can access your website from his cell phone, study your site, and if he likes what he sees he can make contact there or bookmark your site for future study and use.
  • Or, if he doesn’t have a phone, he can grab a pen our of his pocket and jot your information down for later use.
  • Or, if he doesn’t have a phone or pen and paper, if your name is memorable, he will make a mental note to call you later or search for you online using the name from your sign.

No Sign = Lost Opportunity

That’s right. If you have Magnetic car door signs you could literally snatch that business right off the street. And the opportunities are endless… your company is exposed over and over again, every time you drive your car. But, if you don’t have the signs you won’t get a chance at the business.

Our Custom Car Door Magnets are Absolute Jewels! Available in many different sizes and shapes, and with attractive colors and graphics that make the signs jump out at the viewers, these custom car door magnets have proven results and are extremely cost effective compared to other forms of outdoor advertising.

If you want the heaviest and most stable signs, with the most attractive and effective designs,created by professional and experienced designers, you need to have your car door magnets manufactured and designed by the experts at:    For more details, call: 1300 227 624

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