Outdoor Advertising: Its Benefits for your Business

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Modern outdoor advertising traces its roots from the 1800s, particularly in the US, when local merchants began using signage to attract passersby and travelers. It gained popularity with the advent of automobiles, with billboards, shop signs, and posters displayed along the roads. For a time, outdoor advertising was the only form of advertising that is widely used.[1]

Today, outdoor advertising has become a global marketing strategy, with the ads being presented in various forms, shapes, and sizes. From the narrowest streets to the widest thoroughfares, advertisements can almost be found on every corner of the world.

With its strong existence throughout the years, it is no doubt that, outdoor advertising remains to be a very effective marketing medium. No matter how big or small your business may be, it will still reap the benefits of outdoor advertising:

It helps in building your brand.

Outdoor advertising helps customers recall the product message conveyed in the signage. With its repeated exposure, your target audience develops familiarity with your business every time they pass by your advertisement. In a poll conducted by marketing experts Binet and Field, it is revealed that outdoor advertising is even more effective than other forms of marketing.[2]

Outdoor Excels at brand building Source: Bine & Field 2013

You may wonder why outdoor advertising has become such an effective marketing tool. One clear reason would be its permanence. The viewing public has very little control over what they see outside their homes. Unlike newspaper ads which can be folded over to the next page, or websites which can be closed in one click, outdoor advertisements cannot be easily avoided. Thus, people will always get to see the ad whenever it passes through their view.

Outdoor advertising can deliver messages to a specific audience.

Through outdoor advertising, you can tailor your message depending on the location of your prospective customers. By designing the ad in a way that reflects the needs and tastes of the people in a specific area, the advertisement can better connect with your target audience.[3] For example, advertisements may appear more fun and colorful in beaches and resorts, while signage in business districts may appear to be streamlined and a bit formal.

People actually respond to outdoor ads.

In a study entitled Posterscope OCS Survey which was conducted by marketing research firm,  Arbitron, in 2013, it was found out that 61% of US travelers have responded to out-of-home advertisements. While the poll may only represent a certain demographic, it is enough to prove that outdoor advertising really works:[4]

Response to out of home advertising Source: marketingcharts.com

  Outdoor advertising can boost sales.

Those who have seen a product advertisement many times over may likely buy the product Outdoor advertising helps pique the interest of new customers, who may be intrigued as to what the buzz is all about. On the other hand, it also reminds existing customers that the product is still available in the market. In both ways, outdoor advertising creates a continuous invitation for people outside their home to make a purchase.

It saves a big chunk of your advertising budget.

With outdoor advertising, your budget is maximized, thanks to its lower rates. Whether it’s a billboard, a bus ad, a poster, or a car magnet, outdoor advertising mediums are generally more affordable than print, online, and television ads.[5] Depending on the placement of your ad, and the kind of technique that you use, outdoor advertising is a great way to promote your business for the long term.

Outdoor advertising provides maximum exposure.

Consider the hundreds of people (with or without vehicles) who pass through the streets each day, and thousands more on busy cities, who will get to see the advertisement. It’s the reason why the roads and highways are littered with all sorts of outdoor advertising. In fact, in a study conducted by the American Trucking Association, a commercial signage placed in a vehicle can generate an average of 65,000 visual impressions a day, given that it passes through major city roads.[6] With such scope of audience, outdoor advertising will reach far more prospective customers when used strategically.

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