Car magnet versus car wrap

Car magnet versus car wrap The Law of Attraction says “Likes attract likes”. In terms of marketing, it means the more creative and cost-effective you are in order to promote your company or brand, you get more customers and your business grows. Generally speaking, the car magnets and car wraps are incredibly effective marketing tools, allowing you to transform your personal or your company’s car into a mobile billboard. While the car magnets have been used for many years, more companies use the car wrap to increase their visibility or to promote their products or services. This is because both car wraps and car magnets are designed to promote your brands or company on a car, which is constantly moving, gaining a larger audience. Wherever the car goes, there will be new set of audience that will see your car advertisement. According to Outdoor Advertising Magazine, “the outdoor mobile media billboards have a 97% recall rate, and 99% of survey respondents thought mobile advertising is more effectiveness than the traditional outdoor advertising”. Product Acceptance and Research said 94% of respondents recalled seeing the Mobile Billboard, with 80% recalling the specific advertisement. Both magnetic signs and car wraps have advantages, compared to classic outdoor:
  1. Reach a wider audience
Depending on how many vehicles you own, hoe often they are on the road and how far they travel, you may gain more customers even than your website.
  1. Non-aggressive advertising
Unlike the classic outdoor, the car magnets and vehicle wraps attract attention without disturbance. The potential clients can easily spot your message without any significant distraction from what they are doing. Customers respond in a better way to advertisements that doesn’t have an “right-in-your-face” approach.
  1. Get mobile
Vehicle wraps and car magnetic signs travel into the view of your audience instead of you waiting for them to see your tv or outdoor advertisement. As a business, you can non-intrusively reach out to customers over the roads your car or cars travel. In fact, the possibilities from mobile exposure are practically nearly endless. But, what should you use? Car magnets or car wrap? Which is the better way to brand your car? Here is a comparison of car magnets and car wraps side by side: Car magnets: There are considered to be the best returns-on-investment you can make to promote your business. They comes in a variety of sizes and are easy printable. All you need is a clever design. The magnetic signs are easy removable. That’s why they are the best option if a car wrap or sign violates your local codes or rules. You may place them after you leave your home and take them off before you return at the end of the day. Most magnetic signs fit an area smaller than the panels on a car door. Their dimensions alone mean this advertising materials only attract attention if someone is looking directly at the car. But this could be also an advantage, because some customers prefer a less aggressive form of marketing so that they can make their own decisions in terms of products or services. If the car magnets are properly maintained, you could use them for a very long time. Car Wraps In terms to drawing attention to a vehicle, the car wraps are the clear winner. An entire or partial car covered with your company’s logo or ad definitely stands out, even in a crowded parking lot or a very busy road. In this way, your entire car becomes an advertisement in itself. Because the secret to an effective advertising is to make a great first impression, the vehicle wraps are a very memorable way to spread your company’s message. Brightly colored, the attractive and well-designed car wraps will be noticed by the passing drivers, while they won’t pay much attention to a billboard or to another static outdoor advertisement. Colorful vehicle wraps are so engaging that people’s eyes naturally gravitate towards them. if they are properly maintained, the car wraps last at least 5 years after installation. The only problem is their matting because of the atmospheric conditions. That’s why is recommendable to laminate them. In conclusion, if you want to stand out from your competition, car magnets are a wiser investment because it’s cheaper and more flexible to use.