What factors affect the price of car magnets?

Material Used - We produce your custom car magnet using longest  lasting UV cured inks on the highest .8"vechical grade magnetized  vinyl for sharp, long lasting promotional signage. But we don't stop  there, we also apply a special UV gloss cold laminated coating, that further protect your advertisement  from accidental scratches and UV rays keeping your car magnet bright  and vibrant giving you years of promotion. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. You may have seen magnets that  quickly degrade, fade and adhere to the car. Many cheap imitations sold  for car magnets actually use refrigerator magnets. Others have paper  coatings that quickly fade and wrinkle. Size - The  larger your car magnet is, the more material used to produce so therefore  a larger sizes car magnet costs more than smaller one. With custom sizes  sometimes a slight adjustment of size will reduce the overall cost as  it will lessen the waste of materials used. Custom Shape car magnets - When you have a custom shape a knife  needs to be made. Knife cost comes down to how many meters of blade  is needed to make the shape and how many times the shape is repeated  on the block. A average knife 2 up will cost between AU$200 - AU$250. Quantity Ordered (price breaks) - The more quantity of car magnets you  order the more units your set up costs are spread over. Full Colour -  Costs no more!! All our car magnets are printed as a full colour  process using superior quality UV inks, picture quality. That is not  to say you can't have a one colour car magnet, you can!