Pros and Cons: A Guide on Choosing the Right Advertising Medium for your Business

A Guide on Choosing the Right Advertising Medium for your Business

It takes careful consideration when choosing the right advertising medium for your business. If there is only an unlimited budget, it would be easier to spread your marketing methods in all forms of media. However, this is not the case in reality, which is why you should weigh your options when it comes to advertising. Let this article serve as a guide.

Outdoor Advertising:

Outdoor advertising is the most cost-effective among all the types of media. It provides a continuous exposure at very affordable rates. When you need to direct your customers right to where your shop is located, a billboard is perfect way to catch their attention. The only downside in using outdoor advertisements is that you have to deliver your message in the shortest way possible. To effectively use this medium, you need to be a bit more creative so it could make a strong influence on your customers’ purchasing habits.

Direct Mail

This is useful when you have clearly identified your prospective customers. Sending your advertising letters to the people whom you believe will buy your product is the most direct way to deliver your sales pitch. However, when your market is too large, this may become a very expensive advertising method for you, considering the mail per person ratio.


TV is the medium of choice for the big players in the industry, as it still reaches the widest coverage for all media. Advertisements on television require the collaboration of agencies, actors, directors, and a whole production team to be able to put up a successful TV ad. It all sounds good but for small businesses, this is definitely expensive.[1]


Newspapers, magazines, digests, and newsletters belong to print media. Among these, newspapers offer the widest audience with its statewide and nationwide reach. If you are trying to direct your sales pitch to a specific audience, then magazines are a good choice. For example, a landscaping business may advertise in a home design magazine, while food caterers may advertise in both bridal and family magazines. While there is a popular demand for print media, you may need to spend more just to buy a space bigger than your competitors, because larger fonts are more noticeable in ad cluttered publications.[2]


If you want a real time approach to your customers, or need to make an instant public announcement, radio is your ideal bet. It would be a plus if the radio announcer already has a bit of celebrity status, thus giving your advertisement a bigger impact. The disadvantage though, is that people who frequently listen to the radio are doing other things at the same time. The advertisement might be tuned out, which is why it should be repeated many times over so that the customers will remember it.


Online or digital media consists of website, email, and mobile advertising. A few years back, this new trend has revolutionized the way businesses advertise their product. With the various data gathering techniques, companies are able to identify and reach their target customers faster than before. However, people nowadays are getting more concerned about their sharing personal information online. Most marketing emails are now treated as spam, and customers have learned to skip web advertisements unless it’s really interesting.[3]

In choosing the advertising medium that is right for your business, it is important to set a budget and find out the one that you can afford. Test the medium first; observe if it works for you before pouring your money on it. The facts presented here may not always be the case, as every business is unique.