Is Offline Marketing a Thing of the Past?

Many online marketing professionals claim that online marketing is the best way to advertise your business. They attract you with ingenious online marketing ploys that promise results fast. Online marketing is important for today’s small businesses. After all, we are in the internet age, where everything is measured in clicks, megabits, and hits – but this doesn’t mean that offline marketing should be shunned for the success of online marketing.

Even online marketing giants, such as Google and Yahoo also take it to the streets to advertise their domains. There are still tons and tons of ads on TV and there are a lot of ads that you see in the streets. While driving, you may see cars with decals and car magnets, vividly designed to capture your attention. Streets littered with billboards and print media filled with print ads – offline marketing is still huge. Most offline marketing that you see are from big companies that have the means to finance print ads and commercials.


If you have a small business then TV ads and billboards may be too much for your pocket. There are still a lot of ways for your business to get noticed. You can take your business online for advertising, and you can also do a bit of offline advertising to support your online advertising. Online advertising is a tricky business since it needs to show a physical aspect to the business to gain a customer’s trust. People are sometimes cautious because there are a lot of bogus online companies. You can make your presence felt offline by investing on your storefront signage, flyers, car magnets and decals, and many more. Once you’ve established your presence offline, the online aspect of your business comes easy.

Your customers are also people who have a life outside of the internet. When they don’t tweet or post something on their Facebook page, they might be out somewhere, driving. When they’re not browsing the internet, they may be taking their dog out for a walk, or going to the grocery. There are a ton of opportunities for your business to be noticed offline. Business owners are customers of other businesses too. If you have seen or took notice of a car that stands out because of its car magnets, then we can say that it’s an effective way to get their business noticed. What gets you to buy may be also the same thing that would drive your customers to buy. Offline marketing can be more effective if used with online marketing and vice versa.

The bottom line is, offline marketing is not a thing of the past. It’s evolving – turning online marketing as one of its tools to make it better. Websites are now a part of the banners and car magnet designs that we see everyday on the streets. Business owners place decals and car magnets on their cars to advertise their business and their email to communicate better with potential clients. Offline marketing makes it easier for websites to get noticed, and websites make it easier to deliver the information to potential customers.