How should I give you my car magnet artwork?

- Artwork can be supplied in a number of file formats but must, at all times, meet the following specifications: - All artwork must be readable in PC format - Artwork resolution must be 300dpi or higher. - Fonts must be provided or all text must be converted to outline / curves to avoid font issues. - Artwork may be supplied via email (if under 5MB), CD, DVD, 3.5 inch floppies, Zip Disk - We pefer, PDF, Illustrator ai or eps, CorelDraw, jpeg, tiff PSD files for artwork. - Word and Publisher files are accepted as long as the quality of the files meets our specifications. - We don not accept Web images for signs. Most images are under 50kb, which is very small. Also they are bitmap, which means 4 color process prints. Basically web images are normally not a recommended source for art.