Cost-effective Advertising Methods that will make your Business Grow

Cost-effective Advertising Methods that will make your Business Grow

Are you figuring out how to advertise on a shoestring budget? In these days where the uncertain economy presents a lot of marketing challenges, it takes patience and creativity to let the world know about your business. Here are some advertising methods which will save you from a great deal of advertising expenses, and provide you with new customers as well:

Create double-duty flyers

Tap into your creative powers and go beyond the usual, ordinary flyers. Zap those printed leaflets and transform them into something more useful. Depending on your target customers, find ways to make your flyer indispensable. Turn your flyers into pocket calendars, door hangers, and bookmarks. Hence, your advertisement will likely last longer than those flyers which quickly end up in trash.


Build your network

Establish connections with other businesses in your community. Offer cross-promotion with them by exchanging leaflets and posters which you can display in your shop, while they also display yours. This way, both businesses will be recommended to new sets of customers; an inexpensive way of reaching out to more people in your area.

Sponsor a local event

Schools, church organizations, and various local groups always welcome sponsors for their activities. These events are the perfect opportunity to meet potential customers, as its guests and members usually come with their friends and families. By constantly showing your support to the local community, its residents will eventually treat your business with respect and loyalty.

Put up a website

No, we’re not talking about that free spot on some instant website generators. Any forward-thinking company would have a decent website with its own domain name nowadays. Consider it as your second office, a virtual reception area which will accommodate your future customers. Take time to polish it with photos of your recent work, and answer the inquiry forms as quickly as you can. To drive more potential customers to your website, learn basic SEO techniques, create a blog, and write about how your business can solve their problems.

Shower your ads on social mediastreaming film Smurfs: The Lost Village

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more provide opportunities for attracting audiences based on their interests. To capture your target market’s attention, offer promos once in a while and you will gain followers eventually. Share your advertisements in your status. Inject humor, pique curiosity, and provide insightful tips to your posts. Make it a regular habit to interact with your potential customers on social media.

Offer your product to bloggers

Never underestimate the social influence coming from bloggers. These are regular people who have established their own network of readers who share the same passions and interests. Their recommendations are usually respected because they provide firsthand experiences. To maximize your advertising budget, politely ask a well-known blogger who specializes in a niche connected to your industry. Send a free product, or give a complimentary service which they can honestly review. For example, let this mom blogger taste your cupcakes, or let that fashion blogger try your laundry service.

Register your website at online directories

Web search can be tricky, and most of the time, your business name won’t appear at the first two pages quickly. This is why you need to join a web listing service that will publish your contact details for a small fee. These online directories divide businesses based into categories such as industry, area, and specialty. Hence, your company will be discovered faster in online searches.

Provide coupons

Whether it’s printed on flyers, sent through emails, or shared on social networking sites, coupons are a great way to attract buyers. Offer deals for a limited time, or limited quantities to create a sense of urgency. Make a different coupon for each advertising method so you can trace where most of your customers are coming from.

Give free samples

Customers are more willing to buy a product when they have already tried it. Let your potential customers try your products or services for free, but do it in moderation to avoid wasting money. Set up a sampling booth in an area frequented by your prospective customers, or join trade fairs. You can also send it to those who inquire by mail, just limit one sample per household to stick within your budget.

Use your vehicle as a mobile advertisement

With the hundreds (and even thousands) of people who pass through the same route you take each day, your vehicle can be a great tool for catching their attention. Place a colorful, easy-to-read, customized car magnet on the door of your vehicle and spread the word around. Everyone who drives next to you or parks near you will notice your advertisement. Develop familiarity and let your potential customers remember your business whenever you drive around the town.