Car Advertising 101

Have you ever seen a car with a big corporate logo blatantly covering its exterior? You might have seen a sponsored car. A sponsored car is a paid advertisement by companies who wish to get the word out for their product using everyday cars. The drivers of these cars likely get paid for driving, and usually, they also get compensated for insurance and gas. On top of that, you get a really cool car design that makes your car stand out! That’s not a bad deal, if you’d ask me. More and more people are getting into the car advertisement business. If earning money while driving sounds good to you, then better read on.

How did they get into the car advertising business?
There are a lot of ways to earn using your car. Car advertising is one of them. There are a lot of companies that offer compensation in exchange for advertising. The compensation differs depending on the needs of the company that you’re advertising. Some companies require a full wrap of your car, some just with a partial car magnet, and some companies even provide the car in exchange for driving the car in heavily-populated areas. You can look for a company to advertise, or you can enlist the help of an advertising agency to hook you up with the right company to advertise. The important thing is, you have the choice.

What’s the best way for me to advertise using my car?
First is, it doesn’t have to be your car. If you’re worried that the decals and the vinyl will ruin your car, then just look for a company that will provide the vehicle for you to drive. The compensation may not be as great, but surely, getting another car is worth paying for gas and other car expenses. If you would be using your car, a good alternative would be to use car magnets instead. Car magnets are easy to install. The challenge is finding a good car magnet manufacturing company. Car magnets do not damage your car’s exterior, and they don’t fall off, but they are easily removable – making it easy on your next client. Even so, there are other options available for you. In this article, we will provide some pointers to help you to advertise while you’re on the road.

Car Advertising: Two Points to Ponder:

#1 What can you bring to the table? Car advertising is usually easier for people who live in populated areas. If you live in an urban setting, or a large city, it would be easier for you to get sponsorship with a company. If you have a nice car, or a famous car, then it is advertising for itself. Companies that look for car advertising usually look for headturners to carry their company’s logo. Having car magnets on your car definitely ups the headturner rating, especially if you’ve done advertising before. If they have seen you on the road, and they have seen your car magnets, that must mean that your advertising is effective.

#2 What kind of advertising deal do you want?
If you would use your own car for advertising, you would have to take into account the wear-and-tear of your car, especially if you’re required to travel outside of your usual route. Also, consider that you would eventually remove the decals and vinyl from your car. Your car’s exterior may be heavily damaged due to the adhesive used. If you would be using car magnets, however, it would make advertising a lot easier for you. You can switch an ad for another, once a deal has ended. That way you won’t have to worry about sustainability. Car magnets are definitely a good choice if you’re looking to advertise using your own car.

If you would be using a car that is provided by the company, they would usually pay for insurance and gas, but the pay isn’t as pretty as what you’d get if you’re using your own car. For most people, it’s best if you use your own car instead. You’d get a larger sum, and you won’t have to worry about sustainability. If you use your own car for advertising, then you can just move to another client after a deal is expired.

Getting the job done
Once you’ve gotten the hang of car advertising, you can further expand your business by contacting other people who want to advertise as well. Some companies may allow different advertisers on one car. That way they would save money, by getting the same kind of exposure. You can have a car magnet company as your go-to company when dealing with multiple advertisers. And if it gets bigger, you can even have your own car advertising company if you want to. Once you have established yourself as a car advertiser, the opportunities are endless.