Can you handle the car magnet design/artwork? What does that cost?

Basic  layout and design work is free of charge on all our car magnet jobs.
Already have a logo? Simply provide us with a copy of your logo and our  professionals will create the perfect car magnets for your organization  we can take your logo and resize, add text, figure out most effective  layout and size, etc. All free of charge!

We will not go to print with substandard art. Occasionally supply  art is of a to lower quality to reproduce, in such case we will advise  you of required art specifications. and you can correct and re-supply.
Just don’t have better quality artwork? That’s no problem. Our talented  graphic artists will go to work to recreate your supplied artwork. Graphic  artwork charges are (AU$75 per hour).

Need help with artwork or a logo created? – That’s no problem. 
Our art department can also create logo’s and layouts from scratch! We  will e-mail mockups, suggestions, and comments, and then with your feedback  continue to improve and alter artwork until you’re completely satisfied  and ready to go to print. (Graphic design work is charged at AU$75.00  per hour).We also supply you your new logo in file formats so you can  use for all your general printing needs and website, or any other advertisement.

Need help with your general artwork? Business cards, Brochures,  Business Stationary and Flyers. Our talented graphic artists can help  you with any of your graphic art needs. (Graphic design work is charged  at AU$75.00 per hour)