Branding: A guide to color selection for your business logo and advertisements

color selection for your business logo and advertisements

Color is an essential element in brand recognition. Your target audience will be more interested in your advertisement if it is presented in colors that appeal to them most. Depending on the type of your business and the vision that you want to imply, colors are used for different purposes. Each has its own meaning that will be useful in reflecting what you want to say to your prospective customers.[1]

While color perception may be influenced by other factors such as culture, upbringing, emotions, memories, and symbolisms, the psychological meaning behind every color is generally used as a guide for branding. Let this article help you in selecting the ideal colors to use for your business logo and advertisements.


Red evokes feelings of passion and excitement. If you want your business to create a strong impact, or reflect a daring idea, then this is the color that you should choose. Red is also believed to stimulate appetite; this is why most restaurants use this color to attract customers.


Yellow is a cheerful, happy color which is very visible during the daytime. If you want to reflect clarity, fun, and optimism for your customers, then yellow is a good choice.[2] It is also a good background color which makes outdoor advertisements stand out.


Blue is often used by companies who aim to present a trustworthy image to its customers. It has a mass appeal since most people seem to prefer blue, being the dominant color of the sky and the ocean.


Orange presents a friendly vibe, and is perceived to be the color of choice for playfulness and fun. It also signifies confidence and good value, so businesses who are offering low priced goods and services may tend to associate with this color.[3]


Green means growth, mainly because Mother Nature thrives in green. Businesses which advocate eco-friendly products and services usually use green, making their business easily distinguished because of the connection. It produces a peaceful, calming effect for those who see it. This is why if your business is somewhat related to spa, massage, healing, and relaxation, the soothing effect of green can help reinforce your brand.


Purple denotes a high level of dignity and spirituality. It is also associated with royalty, as it is preferred color of kings and queens in history. With its symbolism of power, purple is used of branding luxury items and services.


Brown implies ruggedness, safety, and dependability.[4] Since it is the color of wood, brown is usually found in the advertisements of builders, carpenters, earthmovers, bricklayers, and similar trades.

White and Black:

White signifies purity while black may symbolize exclusivity. Monochromes are quite tricky to use, as both of these lack stimulating effect. It should be combined with other colors as the background or the focus, in order to prevent the advertisement from fading from people’s view.

Again, there is no concrete rule as to which color should be assigned to particular industries. The examples mentioned above are just generalizations where certain colors are usually preferred. In creating an image for your brand, it is still important to consider your target audience, and the message that you want to deliver through the colors that you will use. Most of all, use the power of colors to differentiate your company from the rest, choose the color which will make your business stand out from the competition.