Beyond the Crystal Screen: A Glimpse to the Future of Digital Advertising

A Glimpse to the Future of Digital Advertising

Digital advertising has opened up a new realm in the world of marketing. There are so many possibilities that are yet to be explored in this new territory, and the business owners are making sure to keep up with the trends. Let us take a peek into the developments that are shaping the future of digital advertising, and the industry as a whole:

Social media will continue to rise on top of the game.

The worldwide web is continuously spinning its threads to connect more people than ever, this time weaving brands-to-consumer bonds into the next level. With the popularity of social media sites, brands are reaching out to their target audience in real time. If this trend continues in the next few years, consumers will develop brand loyalty based on the approach given by the brands’ social media managers.

Online videos will take over banner ads.

Soon, we might see lesser banner ads due to the rising popularity of online videos. Advertisers are now using digital videos that pop-up, link, hover, or zoom in to catch the attention of the viewers; a method that trumps the rest of the static banners placed on the screen. It is a genius idea, since the readers would no longer have to leave the page to fully grasp the concept of the advertisement. As it looks promising in the field of digital advertising, more businesses are choosing online videos over the usual banner ads. This is why eMarketer has published a forecast indicating the expected growth of the digital video ads in the years to come:

[1] Digital Video is Exploding

Digital advertisements are bound to be mobile-friendly.

If you want to get closer to your customers nowadays, you have to reach something that is always on their pockets. No, not their wallets (but with enough persistence, they’ll eventually open it up for you); oh yes, their mobile devices that is. People check it every time, which signals a bright future for mobile advertisements. However, there are websites which still take forever to load on smart phones and tablets, which is why we expect these to improve in the near future. It is crucial for company websites to have a mobile friendly version, in order to attract customers who are always on the go. With the right mobile marketing tools, digital advertising can pave the way to a rewarding future.[2]

Battles against the bots will prevail.

Views, clicks, site visits- all of these are measured in statistics which provide us a clear insight of the effectiveness of a specific advertisement. However, the proliferation of botnets or bots crawling onto the websites mess the whole thing up and create fraudulent traffic. Without real human visitors, ad budgets are going down the drain. Hence, there is a great need to prevent this malware from attacking company websites, pushing the demand for anti-bot tools to increase. Since Google had taken already taken a step to ward off botnets, it is expected that other websites will soon follow.[3]

Content will be better than ever.

The web response gathered from customer interaction will enable the businesses to know more about the interests and habits of their prospective customers. Hence, content will be delivered with more depth and creativity. Digital trends will serve as a challenge for businesses and advertisers to come up with better strategies to capture the market’s interest. The use of augmented reality, QR codes for in-store promotions, LED visuals, and other interactive tools are a just few examples.[4] In the future, the customers’ buying decisions will be greatly influenced by the relevance of the digital information they receive.

To make your business evolve with the fast changing technology, it will be helpful to gradually adapt to digital advertising methods. For example, you may start by including your website information on your advertisements. How about placing a QR code on a car magnet? Future customers can use their mobile phones to scan the code to reveal a discount coupon, and you get to invite them to use it for your product or service. Now they actually have a compelling reason to read your ad, isn’t that a cool idea?